A powerful tool to visualize and edit Prisma Schema with ease.

Get real-time visualization and editing capabilities for your Prisma schema.

Prisma Editor

Prisma Schema

Prisma Schema Editor

Prisma schema visualization

prisma visualizer

prisma schema generator

prisma schema builder


Prisma schema editing

Prisma schema generator

Prisma Editor: Prisma Schema Editor, Prisma Schema visualization, visualize and edit Prisma schemas.

Source code on github mohammed-bahumaish/prisma-editor




Real-time visualization

See your database structures in real-time as you create, modify and maintain them!

Direct schema editing

Edit your Prisma Schema directly from the graph!

Share your schema.

Share your schema with a link and collaborate!

User-friendly interface

Intuitive interface for easy schema editing and management!

SQL generation

Automatically generate SQL code for your schema!

OpenAI integration

Use natural language prompts to generate boilerplate schema code with the power of OpenAI's natural language processing API!